Origin Edit

WeirdBox is a Genre which emphasizes images that are quite unorthodox in comparison to the rest of the booru's content.

The Genre was first mentioned on June 27th 2012 when a user called Icyton created a story in which a fluffy had similar properties to Carbonated Soda.

Since then the tag has been used in over 20 Pages worth of content, both of stories and art with multiple prominent names in the community contributing to it.

Uses Edit

Weirdbox is to fluffies as Surrealism is to Salvador Dali, it throws the laws of nature and physics out the window with silly randomness. It is a fun take on the fun take on the fandom with fluffies being able to filter gas to being used as ammo in makeshift guns. This does not however only apply to fluffies, this could be the setting of the universe or the world based around the authors cannon.