Unicorns (also known as "pointy friends," "horny friends," or just "pointies"), are fluffies with horns. One of the three common types of Fluffy Pony, unicorns possess various physical and mental traits that differentiate them from other fluffy ponies.

Physical TraitsEdit

Like all fluffies, unicorn fluffies are small, roughly cat-sized critters capable of speech and possessing dubious intelligence. They differ from other fluffies in the possession of a horn which comes from an altered strain of goat DNA. Though some authors attest that their horns allow unicorns to perform acts of magic, such as glowing, shooting sparks, or basic telekinesis, it is generally accepted that most unicorns do not possess any special powers whatsoever. Their horns are small and generally very blunt. For the most part, fluffy unicorn horns are pretty harmless to anything bigger than a fluffy. The exception is when a fluffy or human sharpens it's horn into a point at which point it can pierce through denim. Fluffies with sharpened horns have on rare occasions killed dogs the size of a beagle or stabbing a human in the neck if it's laying on the ground.

Mental TraitsEdit

One of the defining traits of unicorns is their tendency to become a "Smarty Friend". Due to the goat DNA used to create their horns, unicorns often develop the habit of ramming their heads into other creatures to assert their dominance. Unicorns are therefore more likely to exhibit bratty tendencies, and more likely to refer to other fluffies as a "dummy fluffy". They can also be more combative than other types. Not all unicorns are bratty but they do require more training and observation as they grow up. Punishing and correcting these negative traits early can lead to the unicorn to grow up well behaved.

Treatment by HumansEdit

Unicorns are not often treated terribly differently than Earth, though it is more common for abusers to cut off their horn. Their horns may be abused sexually, though this is exceedingly rare.


As previously stated, Unicorns have a higher tendency towards becoming a smarty. On their own, this means they can often be demanding of humans, usually with tragic consequences. In herds, unicorns often act as the leader and will take command of other fluffies. This is not universal, however, and often unicorns are treated no differently than any other fluffy in a herd.