Sea Fluffies Edit

Sea Fluffies are an uncommon breed of fluffy ponies, which is to say they do not appear in the general headcanon. They live in water, and display the intelligence of regular fluffy ponies. Physically, their head is identical to a land fluffy, but their abdomen sports gills and flippers, also covered in fluff. They have a penchant for seaweed (or "sea gwassies") instead of spaghetti, and unlike regular fluffies, seem to exist almost entirely in feral schools. However, sea fluffies do not know about their land counterparts and will sometimes accidentally drown them as they try to get them to play in the water. Sea Fluffs are not a common type of Fluffy featured on the Booru so some differ drastically from artist to artist.

Variants Edit

There is more than one type of Sea Fluff Edit

Seahorse Fluffies Edit

Seahorse fluffs are as described they have the same almost the same anatomy as the normal seahorse but have a fuzzy outer coat and a fin on the coiled tail.

Sea Lion Fluffies Edit

The more "apex" predator of the fluffy water life. This fluffy has an elongated body that looks similar to a seal. It is grows much bigger than the normal water fluffy and has a appetite for lesser creatures. It has much sharper teeth that its land counterparts.This creature also seems to have fur.

Sea Fluffies Edit

Sea Fluffies are almost normal fluffies but have instead of hooves they have fish fins. They seem to be slightly faster than their land counterparts. In place of their normal fur it seems to be a waterproof hair that acts as the animals fur.