A Saferoom is an enclosed area where domestic fluffies can be left without human supervision.

Due to the death-prone nature of fluffy ponies, safe-rooms (as the name implies) are specifically designed reduce bodily harm, and in more elaborate set-ups, entertain fluffies while owners tend to other tasks.

Layout of a Safe-RoomEdit

Comparable to child-proofing and infant nursery, a safe room is designed around the comfort and safety of a fluffy pony. Any furniture used to carefully considered as a fall or climbing risks and wall might be padded to prevent head injuries (from running into walls). The floor usually consists of carpeting or soft hardwood (the latter being more likely, as carpet is harder to clean), and there are usually no shelves or other ledges upon which a fluffy may climb to. In many respects, a safe-room resembles a child's nursery; this is a reflection of the child-like nature of fluffies themselves.

Some owners may optionally include items in a safe-room for the benefit of their pet fluffies, such as:

  • Litter box
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Food Bowl
  • Water Dish (shallow, to avoid drowning, not always effective in preventing death), or a Water Bottle
  • Blankets
  • Basket serving as a bed
  • Balls
  • Blocks
  • TV (generally only showing the Fluff-TV channel)
  • Child proof socket covers (To prevent electrocution)
  • Protective padding or foam lined along the lower part of the wall so fluffies won't hurt themselves running into walls. (rare)
  • Night Light (Fluffies are afraid of the dark and allows them to find the litter box for night time bathroom visits)

Effectiveness of a Safe-RoomEdit

In some stories, safe-rooms are generally depicted as absolutely safe, whereas in others, the fluffies within the room still manage to come to harm as a continued example of the sheer accident prone nature of fluffies (often through the items listed above).

While some safe-rooms are painstakingly designed, some fluffy owners will simply clear a room or closet of as many dangerous objects as possible and designate that as the safe-room, often forgetting a key detail or two. In addition, some [[1]] owners forgo the use of a safe-room at all, instead trusting the fluffy throughout the house or otherwise similarly fluffy-proofing the house for the use of fluffies.