Part of the list of the fluffy vocabulary, a mummah song is when a mare sings (or more precisely, babbles) to its foals, mimicking human nursery rhymes and songs. Many mares also sing mummah songs to their unborn offspring still inside their belly. Most mummah songs are just an affirmation of the dam's love for its offspring, but in a few rare cases, the mummah song does have an educational value trying to teach the foals what to do in specific situations. Those educational mummah songs are almost always taught by humans. Another headcanon suggests that fluffies subconsciously pass down a song or rhythm to their offspring by humming and cooing some coded melody so the foals will know which fluffy it's parents are. Would be baby thieves can be outed by making the accused and real mother sing the song at the same time to see which fluffy the foal will crawl to.


  • "Mumma wub babbehs, babbehs wub mumma!" This is the most repeated mummah song. It can also be the opening line.
  • "Bestest babbehs get miwkies and wots of huggies!" is a common addition to the above, and shows that the dam has a favorite offspring.
  • "Mummah hab wots of miwkies and huggies fow babbehs!" is another common addition to the first line. If a mare has taken care of its favorite child, it might sing this line to the rest of its foals.
  • "Gud babbehs make poopies in da wittabawks. Mummah gif gud babbehs huggies and wuv. Bad poopies nu smeww pwetty on Daddeh's fwoow. So bestest babbeh make gud poopies in da bawks!" This shows one of the few educational mummah songs, and teaches the foals to use the litterbox. Sometimes, those songs have an additional warning telling the foal what happens if they disobey.
  • "Hmmmmm, hhmmmm, cooooo." "Cooo, hhmmm, hmmm." (varies from parent to parent)