Micro-Fluffy 1

A miniature variant on fluffies, the Micro-Fluffy is based off of KMEB's cotton fluffies, which are colored all white and are the size of a cotton ball and CoalHeart's toy fluffies which are only a few inches tall.


The term micro fluffy was originally coined by creator Buwwito as a one-off joke.  Small fluffies aren't a new idea by far but the term micro fluffy has caught on more than toy fluffies and teacup fluffies.


Unlike the Cottonpuff Fluffs, micro fluffies come in variety of colors instead of solid white and they also retain the full unimpressive intellect of a normal fluffy. Averaging five inches in height at adulthood, with foals roughly the size of a lima bean, these ponies are far more fragile than normal fluffies,though not as fragile as cottonfluffs. In addition, micro-fluffs are far more prone to suffer from changes in temperature and diseases.  They come in the four normal breeds of Pegasus, Unicorns, Earthies, and Alicorns.


Unlike normal fluffies, micro-fluffs are a specially designed and new breed and therefore have little-to-no presence in the wild.  In human society, they are cared-for and abused much the same as fluffies, though in both cases considerations are made for their size.


Micro fluffies do not require entire safe rooms, but may instead be kept in large containers such as a cardboard box, a plastic bin, or a glass/plastic cage.  Inside should be a small bed/cloth, a litter-box, a food bowl, and a water bottle (similar to those used for gerbils).  When handling micro-fluffies, an owner would be wise to be careful about their size; micro fluffies are incredibly easy to lose due to their small stature and their general stupidity.