Martini on a break from work

Martini is a rather infamous fluffy created by DeathProofPony. He appeared in nearly 30 stories which featured his breeders - Frank and Jim (referred to by their fluffies as "BIG MAN") as well as several other breeding fluffies at their facility. While he is often Photoshopped into various images, usually implied to rape the central fluffy of the picture, his canon personality is much more timid, having sex with mares only for the pleasure and to please his caretakers.

Other characters who appeared in the Martini stories include Bret Hipster, a psychotic fluffy serial killer, Martini's previous owner Scott - referred to by him as "The Scott" - a teenage druggie who abused Martini until his father gave or sold him to Frank. There was also an animal hoarder who appeared in one story and had her own story that had found a couple of Frank's escaped ponies and didn't want to return them. (the police forced her to)

In the final story of the series, Jim and Frank repelled an attack by The Scott and Bret Hipster on their breeding facility. Martini was wounded but recovered. Jim quit his job there and took Martini to open a small bait shop near Lake Erie in New York State.

Martini is lime green wirh a medium to dark-green colored mane and tail. He is a unicorn and has displayed minor telekinetic abilities under duress.

"Fan" Martini is usually displayed as having olive green fluff with a dark green mane and tail.

"Fan Martini" Edit

Fan Martini is a sort of alter-ego of the original Martini, and the community's first attempt at illustrating the wll-known character. Unlike the original Martini, Fan Martini shows rapist tendencies and a penchant for sodomy, as well as complete disregard for his victim's distress.