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"Hunting friends? Hunter Friends? Hunter Ponies? Whatever works for you."


Hunting Friends were created for the sole purpose of hunting down and killing fluffies.


Hunting Friends on average can be slightly smaller than regular fluffies but have a leaner body with legs set more under them. This allows them to be faster and more limber. They are also a tad bit stronger with pegasus hunters being even capable of flight and unicorns being capable of small, dim light shows. Many also have far more dexterous hooves and are capable of holding things ranging from signs to even small cups. But their most defining feature are their sharp teeth, designed to grip and crush. Along with their cat eyes that allow them to see in the dark.

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Thanks to their slight boost in intelligence, hunting friends are a bit more self-sufficient. If left to their own devices, hunting friends will even try setting up traps for regular fluffies. Many owners will use them for other tasks like checking hard to reach places where no human can fit. Abusers, however, have often found that torturing hunting friends can lead to bizarre masochistic acts such as being mauled by them.

Hunting friends are often welcomed for their ability to track fluffies and vigilant attitude. However do to some problems with creating hunting friends in labs some have been rendered mute.

Differences Between Cannibals Edit

Hunting Friends and Fluffy Cannibals are two different species of Fluffies. Hunters are created in a lab and Cannibals are mutant breed of fluffy. This does not however keep them from working together. In some situations Cannibals and Hunters have befriended each other. This could be with training or just two carnivorous creatures working towards a common goal.

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