Physiology Edit

Garden Fluffies are made of plant based materials such as grass and wood. They look like normal fluffies but seem to be covered in grass or some kind of moss. They can have flowers and plants on their backs, it is unknown how they get there. Seem to have slowed pain receptor as people can take plants and fruit from the fluffy without much of a fight as most just wonder where pieces of their body went. Their offspring is made by growing out from a tree or plant on the mother's back.

Intellect & Vocals Edit

Garden Fluffies can actually say perfect english words but very slowly. They have very slow speech.

Diet Edit

From some stories they seem to feed on Nitrogen Pellets and can possibly plant themselves for food and sleep. Their main food source is possible the sun like most plants.

Fruit Fluffies Edit

These are a sub-set of garden fluffies as they are whole fruits and vegetables with fluffy appendages.