Tags are the way fluffybooru is organized, more and very specific tags are the best way to organize fluffybooru. Tags are separated by spaces, if you want to use a multi word tag replace the spaces which under scores.

Everything in a image can be tagged for example the place where the action happens (park, basement, rural area, yard), the color of the fluffies, the behavior of the fluffies, the name of the fluffy, ...

Suggested things to tag Edit

  • Where the action happens.
  • Selected punishment.
  • The method of execution.
  • The cause of the dead.
  • The attitude of the fluffy (angry, happy...).
  • The names of the fluffies.
  • The names of the humans .
  • The names of other animals.

Most important tags Edit

  • artist:<nick name of the artist> --
  • author:<nick name of the author> --
  • hugbox -- happy fluffyes been loved.
  • sadbox -- sad fluffyes having tragedies.
  • abuse -- fluffies been tortured physically or mentally.
  • neutral -- portray the realistic effects of the incorporation of fluffies into the world.
  • set_<name of the set> -- a unique identifier for closely related images like the pages of the same comic.
  • title_ -- The name of the history
  • comic --
  • text -- is a text upload

Most common tags Edit

  • smarty, smawty -- at least one pony in the story suffers from smarty syndrome
  • foal, Babbeh -- Young ponies are in the story
  • mare -- female fluffies are involved
  • shit -- to put it short, the ponies are gonna spew fecal matter
  • feral -- these ponies are wild with no owners
  • domestic -- these ponies grew up with an owner
  • Fluffy_Facts --

Common tags Edit

  • impending_abuse --
  • breeder --
  • fluffy_mumma, Mummuh --
  • fluffy_on_fluffy_abuse --

Recommended tags Edit

  • tutorial -- for how to draw fluffies

Useful tags Edit

  • eat_bad_poopies -- The more effective method to discipline a fluffy when it or it's foals made bad poopies or sorry poopies it's to force it to eat it.
  • why_we_hate_fluffies -- Humiliates ponies and such. Belittles them. Depicts ponies as idiots or annoying

Other tags Edit

  • pedofoalia -- Sexual themes involving baby ponies or foals.