Fluffy Abortions are used to abort any unwanted babies. Usually if the mare gets pregnant from unwanted intercourse. There are many different types of ways to start the abortion, but the effects are pretty much the same. When the abortion starts, the blood and organs should be washed out of the mare's vagina, as well as lots of 'poopies'.

Appropriate wayEdit

Feeding mares fluffy abortion pills or taking them to the vet to receive certain shots are ways to get rid of unwanted foals without causing too much physical damage to household pets. These often cause miscarriage in under developed foals quite easily but may not always work on nearly developed foals inside the womb in later stages of pregnancy. Surgery is also a method used to abort foals toward the end of a fluffy mare's pregnancy. 

"Abusive" wayEdit

When abusers wish to have fluffy foals aborted, they are not concerned with the safety or well being with the mother fluffy and they often do these acts simply for their own amusement. They have various methods of removing the foals, such as inserting objects into the vagina to cause miscarriage, hitting the mother's belly until the foals come out, or simply cutting the mare open with a sharp object. Other more creative methods have been devised by abusers with a lot of free time on their hands.
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