12802 - artist mr.tiggly fluffpile original art safe

A typical fluffpile. Art by Mr.Tiggly

A fluffpile is when two or more fluffy ponies lay or sleep closely together for additional comfort and heat. This is a common phenomenon, even more so for mares and their foals, as all fluffies instinctively love to hug and cuddle. Small piles may include just a few fluffies, while the bigger ones can involve up to several dozen. Domestic fluffies frequently pile up mostly for comfort's sake. Feral Fluffies on the other hand form fluffpiles additionally as a mean to survive, because their characteristic fluff was made purely for cosmetic's sake to make them look cuter, and offers very little protection against cold. The herd's fluffy decides which fluffies are allowed to join the pile. A feral fluffy who is not allowed into the pile during the coldest of winters is likely to freeze to death unless it can find new shelter.

While fluffpiles do serve more than one purpose, they also bring risks to fluffies. Lice, filth and disease spread faster amongst them while they lay closely together.