"Enfie babbehs" are nicknames for foals that are used by some fluffy pony stallions (notably Smarties) for sexual intercourse, primarily to satisfy the stallion's sexual desire. The foal's gender and age does not play a role in the preference of the stallion.

The causes of stallions seeking to forcibly mate with a sexually non-mature foal are varied. A stallion might sexually assault a foal because no other mare is present or willing to mate with it, or the mare is bloated from pregnancy, or nursing its young, making copulation difficult for the stallion. Stallions can also willingly seek out foals for sexual intercourse, prefering the tightness of a foal to that of another adult fluffy pony. Humans can also manipulate a stallion into commiting sexual deviancy by increasing a stallion's libido with the aid of pharmaceutical products to the point that its urges override the stallion's morality, or spray pheromones signalizing sexual maturity upon a foal. Some stallions have been tricked or forced to rape unwilling young foals.

Most enfie babbehs are not the offspring of the stallion, but it is possible that a sire might still attempt to copulate with one of its own offspring despite desperate pleas by both a foal's mother or the foal itself to cease this activity.

In a Feral Herd, a smarty might designate one or more foals to become an enfie babbeh that all stallions can have sex with as a form of punishment to stigmatize a "mummah" dam and its "speciaw fwend" mate that have attracted the smarty's ire. In such herds, where very often a smarty often seeks to become the dominant alpha male by being the sole sire of all the herd's foals, an enfie babbeh might be the only way for the other stallions to satisfy their sexual urges without fear of punishment by the smarty and its toughies. Enfie babbehs can also be given to a smarty's toughies as an exclusive form of reward.


Enfie babbehs' exact origin is unknown. However, the first record of enfie babbehs entry would have been a story written by an Anonymous and published on July 4, 2013. The story itself depicts some kind of experimentation at a laboratory, presumably Hasbio's laboratory, which involves a stallion and a newborn foal. The enfie babbehs would later be popularized by drawings of bogie and Big_Baybeh. Bogie's drawing of enfie babbeh, published on July 28th, 2013, was the first image depiction of enfie babbehs.

Effects on the foal itselfEdit

Because of its young age and physical immaturity, the sexual intercourse is always painful for the foal, and might even kill it. Enfie babbehs that survive their ordeals must deal with the trauma from being a rape victim, and are very often socially ostracized by other foals of its age (sometimes even by close siblings), as being an enfie babbeh is considered a sign for being a "dummeh babbeh". Many foals develop bowel incontinence as a result from the inflicted sexual abuse. Fillies can also risk becoming infertile from the stress.

Reception Edit

File:21890 - abuse artist bogie enfy babbeh explicit foal foal rape.png

Stories and drawings depicting enfie babbehs are often reviled by many fans, even abusers, for varied reasons, including promotion of paedophilia and accusation of having sexual deviations.