Anthro Fluffies are a variant of fluffy pony with anthropomorphic traits; they are distinct from satyrs as they are completely covered in fluff and far more closely resemble regular fluffies in appearance and intellect. Usually used in weirdbox or pornographic material, anthro fluffies are generally depicted as being (marginally) smarter than their tiny cousins and having a very high sex drive. Perhaps the most famous anthro fluffies are Fluffsplosion's unnamed pink anthro and Russian Hugboxer's Subject 13, a giant, smart anthro with an enormously high sex drive and super strength.

Criticism Edit

Some people assert that anthros cross the line into furry fandom. Typically, Russian fluffy fans are more hostile to anthros than the American or Western European fluffy fanbase. It is often asserted that fluffy anthros are typically indistinguishable from their "canon" My Little Pony counterparts except for the fluffspeak captions, and in a few instances, a "canon" MLP anthro was uploaded to fluffybooru without anyone noticing that the anthro wasn't a fluffy anthro.


Additionally, some people assert that anthros are too close to humans to properly work in the distopian fluffy setting. The anthro, because it looks like a humanoind, gains an automatic sympathy from the reader, even if the anthro is mentally no different from a standard fluffy.